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Rats are highly intelligent animals, which should not be underestimated. They can establish burrows with large populations in yards, and become very difficult to remove if they invade your home or business.
Mice tend to invade homes during the colder months, and are often most active in kitchens, basements, and garage areas. By damaging food products, and depositing droppings, they become a disgusting and potentially dangerous nuisance inside your home or business.


Seeing rodents in your home or yard can be incredibly unnerving, but luckily there is a solution! Our rodent prevention plans provide a protective barrier around the exterior of the home to prevent further infestation, and lower the population of rodents in the area. Thorough inspection of the property will also reveal any burrows on the property, areas the rodents could access the home through, as well as any conditions that could be contributing to the rodent activity. Finally, by maintaining the property with regular visits, we can maintain control of the problem, and ensure that the rodents stay away for good!
No two rodent infestations are exactly the same, so our services vary based on the specific situation of our client. What stays the same is that every service will include installation of any materials needed to control the rodent population, attentive service from our technician, and thorough documentation of any findings, so you can stay informed on how the treatment is progressing, every step of the way. Whether you are seeing the rodents on the inside or outside, have a large population of rodents on the property, or have just seen one, we have the service for you!
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I highly recommend the services of Guardian Pest Control. The technicians are very respectful, honest, and courteous as they handled each situation with knowledge and expertise.

They took the time to understand my family's specific needs not just show up spray stuff, collect money and go.

Highly Recommended. They were prompt, professional and thorough.