Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets tend to build their nests inside structural voids such as those found in the ground, roof soffits, walls, ceilings or under exterior siding.

Yellow Jacket Identification

Wasps will build their paper nests in bushes or on the edges of the home. Unlike the honeybee, these highly social insects are capable of stinging multiple times as they aggresively defend their nests. Much of the time these nests are not discovered until they've become quite large and dangerous. With our tools and experience Guardian Pest Control can eliminate this hazard from your home.

Your safety is our number one priority

Our technicians are highly trained, licensed and ensured professionals that are always mindful of the wellbeing of your children, pets and property. We use the most current, science driven, targeted and effective strategies to safely meet all your pest control needs. We first inspect the premises, determine the scope and extent of the problem, propose the best treatment plan and if necessary only use the lowest risk pesticides. We take the time to discuss each step of the treatment process with you, so you can feel comfortable knowing what we are doing and what to expect. We make the ever-complex world of pest control simple.

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