March Pest of the
Month: Grain Weevil

Pest of the month - Granary Weevil

Have you ever opened up a box of cereal and it was…moving? You might have experienced ants barging their way into your snacks before, but the grain weevil has its own way of showing up.

You might notice that your invaded box of cereal or bag of rice has holes in the packaging. This is because grain weevils can actually chew through paper and plastic packaging. But most likely, they chewed those holes from the inside out. Grain weevils are a reluctant trojan horse, coming in those tasty grain treats right from the store!

Female weevils bore tiny holes and lay their eggs inside grain kernels, then seals them back up… up to 300-400 times each! The egg hatches, and the larvae eats the grain from the inside for some time between 1-5 months. Once they reach adulthood, they pop out to say hi… sometimes during breakfast!

Grain weevils mainly attack whole grains, such as wheat, corn, barley and rice. They may also be found infesting foods like macaroni and spaghetti when they expire. Grain weevils can also "play dead" by curling their legs up to their body, lying still for several minutes before moving again.


  • Find the source!
    The most important step to getting rid of any panty pest is to find the source. This could be that box of cereal or rice buried in the back of your pantry, old dry pet food or treats, or even a food cache stored in your home or attic by a mouse or squirrel! Our technicians can help in locating the source.
  • Contain the source!
    A great preventative to a large infestation is to keep all dried foods, including pet food/seeds in a glass or plastic container. That way, if grain weevils are found in a food, they are already contained and easily disposed of. If the source is found in a food that is not sealed, place it in a container or bag immediately!
  • Eliminate the source!
    Discard all infested foods outside. If any are overlooked, the problem will not be solved. Vacuum and clean the area the infested foods were stored in. Our technicians can help speed up the process with a targeted treatment to the area.


  • Again, store all dried foods, including pet food/seeds in a glass or plastic container to help contain any future infestations from spreading to other foods.
  • First in, first out! Just like restaurants and grocery stores, this idea is to use the oldest foods first to reduce the likelihood of food expiring. Less expired/old food, less chance for grain weevils to pop up?
  • Store cereals and other grains in the fridge. Colder temperatures keep foods fresher longer, and also reduces chances of a grain weevil infestation.

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